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Refund Policies

WORKSHOP REFUND & CANCELATION POLICY :  Workshops are defined as any program taught by an in-house Tucson Yoga teacher or visiting Tucson Yoga guest teacher. You are eligible for a full or partial refund if the cancellation is well in advance of the workshop. For full details, please see our refund policy page . There are no refunds or credits for failure to attend or failure to complete a workshop.

YOGA CLASSES AND MEMBERSHIPS : All classes, monthly auto-pays and membership fees are non-refundable. Memberships are non-transferable.

Getting Started

Drop-Ins are Always Welcome
No advance registration is required - just drop in on any class, and arrive 10 minutes early to meet the instructor and to fill out a registration form. Or, you can register online to save time: Register Online Now

If you're a beginner, please read our Information for Beginners Page .

Class Guidelines

Yoga Mats - First-time students may borrow a mat for free at their first class.  After the first class, students are asked to bring their own mat to class.  If you don't have your own, you can rent one of ours for a $1 rental fee.  We also sell yoga mats for $18 and up.

Cell Phones - Please turn your cell phone off, or leave it at home or in your car.  (Note that the "vibrate" setting on most phones can usually be heard in class, so we prefer that phones are turned completely off).

Fragrances - Please avoid wearing perfumes or scented products.

Arrival Time - Please plan to arrive at least 5 minutes before class begins, so that you're arranged in your space and ready to begin at the start time.  Plan extra time to navigate downtown traffic, especially during afternoon rush hour.

Lateness - If you're late and the opening meditation has already begun, please enter silently, sit quietly near the door, and wait until the opening meditation is complete before unrolling your mat.

If you arrive very early , the previous class may still be in session.  Please wait outside quietly, as conversations carry inside easily.

Is Class Full? - Our studio holds up to 50 students. We're not at full capacity until mats are touching one another and you can't even see the floor! When you enter a large class, don't be shy about asking someone to make room.

Valuables - Our lobby area contains cubby-holes where you can store your shoes, bags and clothing. Theft has occurred in this area, so please do not leave any valuables - instead, you may take them into the practice area with you. We cannot take responsibility for lost or stolen items.

Injuries and Illness - Please tell each instructor about any injuries or major illness (past or present) or physical limitations you have, so that s/he can offer you safety tips and alternative poses where necessary.