Mama & Baby

Connect with your baby, celebrate your (new) body, come back to your breath!  Mama-baby yoga is a sweet, gentle, welcoming and playful environment for new mamas and their babies.  All babies and mamas are welcome – no special disposition or temperament needed!  Whether you’re an experienced yogini or brand new to yoga, mama-baby yoga allows you to explore your new body, rebuilding core strength while releasing tension in the hips, back and neck, and practicing breath exercises for energy and relaxation.  Babies are welcome to snooze through class,
wiggle and play on their blankets, or join mama in poses.

All poses are designed for joyful relaxation for both mama and baby.  Mamas will also get to connect with each other and enjoy a community of mindful motherhood.

*Note: While this class is designed for pre-crawling babies and their moms, older (pre-toddler) babies are welcome.  We strongly support both breast- and bottlefeeding during class, and encourage even moms of “fussy” babies to come.

Mama & Baby Schedule

Thu 1:30 PM 2:30 PM 150 Leah Stauber
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