Laurent Baig

After reading about a rock climber who practiced Ashtanga Yoga, Laurent tried his first Hatha class and immediately saw improvement in his climbing and overall well being. He became a dedicated practitioner in 2009 with Ashtanga under the tutelage of Lisa Schrempp, the only certified level 2 Ashtanga instructor in Arizona. He furthered his studies in yoga with a Vinyasa Flow teacher training in 2010 and an Ashtanga training with Tim Miller in 2011.

In 2012 Laurent left a 20-year career as an electrical engineer with a growing desire to teach more yoga. Still a rock climber, he also mountain bikes, and plays guitar when not reading a book about Yoga or walking his dog.

Spirit derives from the Latin "spiritus" for which one definition is breath. For Laurent, spiritual practice is breath practice and he tries to convey this in his everyday teaching.

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