Michelle Marks

As a mama, friend, poet, teacher, and humble student of being-ness, Michelle has been merging her background in education, neuroscience, psychology, somatic therapies, and yoga for more than two decades. Her passion is offering experiential practices for students of all ages to explore the inner workings of the body, mind, and spirit. With a focus on embodied listening, a deeper understanding of one’s physiology, and movement patterns, a connection with Nature, and attention to one’s unique path Michelle brings a playfulness, and practicality to whatever subject she is presenting.

Michelle completed a 1,000-hour program for massage therapy in 1999 in Tucson, Arizona which was the beginning of her love affair with the human body and it’s inner workings. Her first yoga training was in 2001 and she has continued learning in the traditions of reunion. Some of her biggest influences in the Eastern arts are Shiva Rea, Corina Benner, Sarah Powers, Anodea Judith, Keith Borden and Jennifer Welwood. She completed her Master’s Degree in Counseling Psychology in 2012 and is a certified holistic mental health practitioner. In 2019, she completed the three year HEART training and Expert Course with Organic Intelligence™, a unique theory and clinical practice of building human empowerment, resiliency, and compassion. In addition she has spent many hours in continuing education steeped in all things mystical and Earthly, including a yearlong study in feminine form Ayurveda with Katie Silcox in 2020 at the Shakti School. Michelle is currently deepening her explorations with Alicia Fajardo and the Fajardo Method of Holistic Biomechanics.

Over the past 18+ years, Michelle has been offering skillful classes, heart-full workshops, and both national and international retreats and has been running a private practice. She works and supports individuals, couples, and groups. Her offerings are passionate and progressive, inspired by a long journey of showing up for life through all the blessings and inevitable chaos. She has a strong commitment to social action through years of volunteer work, fundraisers, and bringing awareness on and off the mat to the global impact of our personal choices.

Michelle lives the path of yoga as an everyday practice of weaving ancient wisdom with modern day living. Her view is one of continual commitment to a remembering of harmony, and whole-being health. Her offerings are with intent to bridge the tenets of yoga philosophy into daily experience inclusive of the mundane and those precious sparkling moments.

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