Being Present in the Ever-Living Fire

with Lisa Schrempp

Sun, Dec 17

Underneath everything is an ever-living fire.  - Heraclitus

In this day and age, we must try to keep our eyes wide open and our awareness expanded, staying disciplined enough to perceive the seemingly significant and the minute.

Could the challenges that we experience on a personal as well as global level be a “calling us home” song? When practice comes from deep inside, it needs no reward.  It expands outward powerfully. To do so, we need to stay connected to the cavern of our heart. With such deep suffering in our world, the only answer is - keep practicing!

 Join Lisa Schrempp for yoga practices in preparation for the Solstice and for the rest of your life.


Sun, Dec 17 10:00 AM-12:00 PM Lisa Schrempp

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Being Present in the Ever-Living Fire

Cost: $40